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Me in my garden hat, required indoors since I got Solatube for my plants
Me in my garden hat, required indoors since I got Solatube for my plants

The first day of the New Year, 2014, seems like an excellent time to welcome you to my new site, Grow Your Vitamins.

(I think I could tidy up my look tremendously by the addition of some makeup, but for a spontaneous picture of me at the moment, this is it.)

I wish my Solatube added as much light as it does glare. It’s the glare from which I have to protect my eyes. Without the hat my eyes tire rapidly, and I get what feels like a headache coming on.

As an aside, I have no idea where the spot of light on my chin is coming from. I have a lot of reflective material up, here in my living room, to make the most of the light that comes in via my clerestory and my Solatube, as well as my French doors which are under a portal, so not quite as much help as they could be, were their wall south facing and sans portal/roof.

The focus of this site is vitamins fresh from your garden, cheaper than bottled from a drug/supplement outlet, and richer in content, at least theoretically.

It turns out that the richer your garden soil, in nutrients and microbes, the richer in vitamin content the vegetables you grow will be.

I’m so eager to post this page on Twitter and Facebook, that I’ll put off writing the rest of my thoughts on the subject till later. Till then, check out my Grow Your Vitamins home page.




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