Vitamin-C graphicDarker175Having heard that vitamin C blocks colds by changing the body’s ph and making the body inhospitable to the cold virus, I thought vitamin C might help with tetanus.

Now I wonder if the bottles of vitamin C that I took early on fortuitously delayed the tetanus contractions: tetanus is less often fatal the later the symptoms appear.

12/10/04: I found a website reporting a Vitamin C/tetanus/strychnine study in which 60 two-day old chicks were divided into four groups with 15 birds in each group.

Group 1 got 5 nanograms of strychnine sulphate (SS) (which acts about the same as tetanus);

Group 2 got 5 nanograms of SS plus 30 mg of Ascorbic Acid (AA,which is Vitamin C);

Group 3 got 10 nanograms of SS;

Group 4 got 10 nanograms SS and 30 mg Vitamin C.

The results:

Group 1: Wings of all birds stretched; some walked on toes, others kept jumping but could not walk.

Group 2: No symptoms

Group 3: Extensor paralysis of legs; severe convulsions; and all but three died.

Group 4: Extensor paralysis in 3 chicks; no neurological symptoms in the others. The affected birds recovered in about 30 minutes after the appearance of symptoms.

Effect of Ascorbic Acid in the Treatment of Tetanus ~ Read more.

The website where I found the study,, has been updated and is worth a visit for excellent information re vaccines.

Also, look at the question of whether tetanus vaccine is risky.

Effect of ascorbic acid in treatment of tetanus.

Jahan K, Ahmad K, Ali MA.

The effect of daily intravenous administration of 1000 mg ascorbic acid (AA) in tetanus patients aged 1-30 years was studied.

In the age group of 1-12 years, 31 patients were treated with AA as additional to antitetanus serum, sedatives and antibiotics. It was found that none of the patients died who received AA along with the conventional antitetanus therapy.

On the other hand, 74.2 per cent of the tetanus patients who received the conventional antitetanus therapy without AA (control group) succumbed to the infection.

In the other age group of 13-30 years, there were 27 and 38 patients in the treatment and control groups respectively. The mortality in the AA and control groups were 37 percent and 67.8 percent respectively.

These results suggest that AA might play an important role in reducing the mortality of tetanus. This was supported by the fact that AA was found to mitigate the toxic effects of strychnine producing tetanus like condition in young chicks in the present study.

Bangladesh Med Res Counc Bull. 1984 Jun;10(1):24-8.…646626

More about the enormous benefit of Vitamin C to infected/poisoned individuals, by Dr. Thomas E. Levy:

The effectiveness and safety of megadose vitamin C therapy should, by now, be yesterday’s news. Yet I never cease to be amazed at the number of persons who remain unaware that vitamin C is the best broad-spectrum antibiotic, antihistamine, antitoxic and antiviral substance there is…

Not realizing the incredible ability of vitamin C to cure a given infectious disease just perpetuates the usage of so many other needlessly applied toxic drugs and clinical protocols…

Unquestioning faith in the “established” medical knowledge is so deeply ingrained that many doctors simply will not even consider reading something that comes from sources that they do not consider worthy of producing new medical concepts…

Ascorbic acid, that Swiss Army knife among nutrients, has been unjustly dismissed in part because of the implausibility of such very great utility.

Dr. Levy’s list of diseases cured by Vitamin C, and a 60 Minute segment about a man in New Zealand who was as good as “dead” shortly after contracting the H1N1 virus and before Vitamin C ~ Check it out.

By taking masses of vitamin C (twelve 500 mg tablets with rose hips) 3 times a day, each time with a mug of tea, by using Epsom salt compresses for at least 12 hours a day; and by having B12 shots every couple of days, the redness and lines appear to go away. Only, when I stop the above, the lines and redness come back. Sometimes the lines are gone when I take the compress off, but a few hours later they are visible again. Epsom salts ~ Read more.

This is the journal I kept. The ebb and flow of healing are recorded as they happened.

It’s clear that so called “folk remedies” work. I’m grateful for vitamin C, but if I’d had adequate antibiotic, the infection would have been cleared months ago. Who knows if the tetanus is doing insidious damage that I’ll find out about later.

8/26/2016 ~ Over time I began to realize the Vitamin C could likely have cured the tetanus had I used more, earlier. I say this based on my experience of the vitamin C riding me of h.pylori infection in my stomach lining. Read more.

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