Cellular Metabolism uses Zinc
Food Groups have Very Different Zinc Content

Zinc didn’t seem important until I read Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol to defeat coronavirus. He recommends 25 mg a day, along with 500 mg of quercetin (a serving of yellow onions has 286 mg), and 1,000 mg of vitamin C as a prophylxis.

Little did I know that zinc plays an essential role in cellular metabolism, or that zinc is required for catalytic activity of 100 enzymes. Plus, zinc has a key role in immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, cell division, and zinc supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence. But here’s the kicker, zinc is required for a proper sense of taste and smell [9].

It’s a kicker because an early symptoms of coronavirus is loss of taste and smell.

How did I not know zinc is so important?

Now that I know, I’m keeping in mind that our bodies don’t store zinc; we need to replenish our supply every day… So, it’s good to know the zinc content of foods.

Foods with Zinc

Note: 453.592 grams to a pound, let’s say 454. So, you could cut 1 pound of cheddar cheese into 18 slices of 25 grams each. Or you could cut a 1 pound serving of meat into 4 and a half 100 gram servings.

28 grams to an ounce (about)

Cocoa powder 5g7
Drinking chocolate, 10g2
Bread, grain products
Rye crispbread 20g3
Wheat bran 8g16
Bread, brown 25g2
Bread, wholemeal 25g2
Noodles, chow mein 250g.8
Porridge, 30g.3
Yeast, dried bakers8
Camembert, 25g3
Cheddar, 25g4
Cottage cheese, 25g.5
Cream cheese, 15g.5
Edam, 25g4
Parmesan, 10g4
Processed, 25g3
Ice cream, 60g.4
Mild, skim, whole, or condensed, 30g1
Goat's milk, 230g.4
Eggs, 12
Apple, 100g.1
Apricots, 3.1
Banana, 100g.2
Cantaloup, 120g.1
Cherries, 100g.1
Dates, 6.3
Figs, dried, 2.9
Grapefruit, whole.1
Grapefruit juice, 120g.4
Lemon, 2 slices.1
Mandarins, canned, 50g.4
Nectarines, 100g.1
Orange, whole, 130g.2
Peach, 120g.1
Pear, 120g.1
Pineapple, 80g.1
Plums, 3.1
Raisins, 20g.1
Strawberries, 100g.1
Bacon, 3 rashers, 40g3
Beef, ribeye14.2
Beef, rump steak, 150g5
Beef, silverside, 120g6
Beef, sirloin, 120g5
Beef, stewing, 120g8
Bison, 100g4.5
Chicken, boiled, 100g2
Chicken, breast, 1/2.9
Chicken, dark meat, 100g2.4
Chicken liver, 130g3
Duck, roast, 100g2
Goose, roasted, 1 serving4.5
Ham, canned, 90g2
Hamburger, 170g2
Lamb chops, 120g3
Lamb kidney, 100g4
Lamb, leg roast, 120g5
Salami, 3 slices2
Sausage, Liver, 60g2
Sausage, kielbasa, 1 link5.7
Pork, 120g2
Pork, chops, 1 chop6.4
Tongue, canned, 100g2
Tripe, stewed, 100g2
Turkey, 120g2
Nuts & Seeds
Almonds, 100g3
Brazil nuts, 100g4
Cashews, 100g6
Chestnuts, roasted, 10.5
Chia seeds, 2 tblsp1
Coconut meat, shredded, 1 cup.9
Coconut water, 1 cup.2
Flax seeds, 100g10
Hazelnuts, 1 oz.7
Hemp seeds, 100g10
Hickorynuts, 1 oz1.2
Macadamia, 1 oz.4
Mixed nuts, 1 cup5
Peanuts, 1 oz.8
Peanut butter, 1 tablespoon.5
Pecans, 100g5
Pine nuts, Pinones, 100g6
Pistachios, 1 oz.7
Pumpkin, Squash, 100 g8
Sesame seed butter (Tahini), 1 oz1.3
Sesame seed flour, 1 cup3
Sunflower seeds, 1 handful2
Trail Mix nuts, 1 cup5.3
Walnuts, 1 oz.9
Seafood & Fish
Abalone, 100g.8
Anchovies, 100g1.5
Calamari, fried, 100g1.5
Catfish, 1 fillet.9
Clams, canned, 100g.7
Cod, 1 fillet1
Crab, 150g6
Crayfish, 100g1.3
Eel, 1 fillet3.3
Fish Fingers (5).4
Mahimahi, 1 fillet.9
Mussels, 120g2
Oysters, 6 oysters52
Pike, Northern, 1 fillet1.5
Prawns, boiled, 120 g2
Salmon, canned, 100g1
Salmon, farmed, 100g.7
Sardines, 60g3
Scallops, 100g1.3
Shrimp, 100g

Tilapia, 1 fillet

Trout, 1 fillet

Tuna, canned, 120g.8
Asparagus. cooked, 1 cup1.1
Bamboo shoots, 1 cup1.7
Beans, baked, 1/2 cup2.9
Beans, black, 1 cup1.9
Beans, kidney, canned 1 cup1.6
Beans, Lima, cooked, 1 cup1.3
Beans, mung, cooked 1 cup1.7
Beans, navy, 1 cup2
Beans, white, cooked, 1 cup2.5
Beet greens, cooked, 1 cup.7
Broccoli, cooked, 1 cup.7
Chickpeas, cooked, 1/2 cup.9
Citronella (Lemon grass), 1 cup.1.4
Corn, sweet yellow, 1 cup.7
Edamame, 1 cup2.1
Escarole, cooked, 1 cup1
Fiddlehead Ferns.8
Lentils, cooked, 1 cup2.5
Lentils, sprouts, cooked, 1 cup1.2
Mushrooms, Cremini, 1 cup1
Mushrooms, morel, 1 cup1.3
Mushrooms, oyster, 1 cup.7
Mushrooms, portobello, 1 cup.8
Mushrooms, white button, 1 cup1.4
Okra, cooked, 1 cup.7
Palm hearts, 1 cup1.7
Parsnips, 1 cup.8
Peas, black-eyed, 1 cup2.2
Peas, green, cooked, 1 cup1.9
Peas, snow, 1 cup.6
Peas, split, 1 cup2
Potato, red, 1 medium.7
Pumpkin, 1 cup.6
Shiitake Mushrooms, cooked, 1 cup1.9
Soybean sprouts, 100g2.1
Spinach, cooked, 1 cup1.4
Squash, scalloped, 1 cup.6
Squash, summer, 1 cup.7
Sweet potato, mashed, 1 cup.7
Tofu, 1 cup4
Tomato, puree, 1 cup.9