Man dies from scratch 150Yes, Tetanus can kill you. But, on the other hand, you can survive tetanus. The overall case-fatality rate in the United States has declined from 91% in 1947, to 24% during 1989 to 1991, to 11% during 1995 to 1997.

You Can Survive Tetanus

Tetanus survival is affected by many things. The things that I did, which effected my tetanus survival, consist in part of the following, which I learned as I experienced the 
tetanus disease:

1. Getting cold makes it much worse.

2. Keeping quite warm, much warmer than I like when I am healthy, seems to make it better.

3. Nutrition is really important. I got much worse when I didn’t have any help and couldn’t bend to get anything out of the fridge. I found a web article on how poor  nutrition made it much worse, and vice versa.

4. Nutrition is a bit tricky, because when I’m well I eat out of my garden and eat brown rice. The food that was brought to me by Kitchen Angels was wheat oriented, and I’ve gotten a lot of my symptoms related to pernicious anemia back. (I am deeply grateful for the food, which is the best tasting food ever, and which I am certain saved my life because I was unable to prepare food and was fading on a diet of saltines.) It is worth looking at the information about blood types and food. There was a segment on the news last night about inflammation being implicated in certain diseases, even more so than cholesterol. What the D’Adamo things talk about is how certain foods cause… I forget exactly how it was stated, but how I understood it was inflammation… and when I started eating the brown rice I lost about 26 pounds, which I attributed to ending the inflammation… also my face looked less flabby…. there’s a quality to flabbiness that is very like inflammation.

5. Rest. Rest is really hard. I mean watching pbs on Saturday kind of rest. Even this kind of writing is not restful… certainly worrying is not restful, and not sleeping is not restful.

6. I think the dentist, Tom Levy, who talks about vitamin C in relation to anthrax and smallpox is on to something. I think this because I am certain that vitamin C helped me survive tetanus. The video heading up my Vitamin C page is excellent. It’s about a man on life support. The hospital wanted to disconnect him. His family fought to have him get I.V. vitamin C. He survived.

Vitamin C ~ Read more.

7. B12 — if your B12 level is under 550, then absolutely for sure you need B12, but if it’s under 950, you may still need it ~ and you will feel benefits over a period of time.

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