avocado-tree-dscn2267-175I’m housebound, so I long for fruit and veg I used to be able to pop over to the grocery store and buy. During the winter I especially long for oranges.

My first attempt at growing fruiting trees in pots were avocados and figs. The figs worked. The avocados have died, year after year, though this year I have an actual tree and it’s looking very hopeful. I need to roll the avocado tree so that the background will be the adobe back wall of my home, that way the tree will be more distinct from what’s behind it.

Last year I had 8 kumquats, but they came on the plant I ordered. So, I ordered more of the same Nagami kumquat, and this year… no flowers so far. Sigh.

I also ordered two clementine trees and a blood orange… again in the most ardent desire to have citrus during the winter.

My little dwarf guavas produce, but they’re lemon guavas and very seedy. So, in hopes that guavas in general like to thrive and produce, I ordered a guava tree that wasn’t labeled dwarf.