I had thought that I could grow peas and radishes indoors in winter, despite the fact my home is quite cold during the winter due to heating with candles in response to PNM shutting off my electricity (heat, lights and phone) just before Easter several years ago when it was still in the 20s at night. Since I could have paid PNM if PNM had given me three days to transfer money, and PNM refused, I decided not to pay PNM and to get solar, which I did. I’ve loved the solar ever since. Heating with Candles is beautiful. Okay, so peas and radishes. It turns out that either the Solatube I had installed to bring in light for veggies in the winter did not bring in enough light for them, or my home was colder than it is outside in the spring when the sun is hitting the soil and heating it.

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