Tetanus journal part 4

January 17, 2005 (Monday): I haven’t written in a long time because I got so depressed after I had been able to be up 17 minutes but then I got really cold when the temperature dipped and I couldn’t get my home warm with the oven, I could only be up 7 minutes. I can be up around 10 minutes, now. I have been noticing skinny red lines under my fingernails, and today I realized that Maggie (a lady in Florida who sent me fresh, organic oranges) had emailed me information that mentioned these kinds of lines, calling them “splinter hemorrhages”. I’m a little worried by these lines because I’ve had this infections SO LONG.

Since Maggie also sent me Oil of Oregano and Propolis, and I’m taking each of these three times a day, I am hoping the lines go away. Took photo of red spot on top of toe.

January 19, 2005 (Wednesday): I am too tired to look and see if I ever documented the infection I had in my gums by the implants, which caused me to unscrew the implants and take them out. I mention this because it seems like I’m having so much infection, and maybe it’s stemming from my toe. I feel very tired today. The fine lines under my fingernails are not so prominent, and seem shorter, being more toward the tops of my fingers now, except for my left ring finger where it goes the whole length and my right thumb where the line not only goes the whole length but is wider than the lines on my toe. The tip of my toe seems very red again…I wonder how infection is ever gotten out, or if it is just stopped by killing it.

I’m able to take a lot less Ibuprofen now, at least a third less. So I think the tetanus part of this must be better. I just don’t want that to come back because of the infection… the red lines being more places doesn’t seem like a good thing.

January 22, 2005 (Sunday): Yesterday I doubled the amount of Oil of Oregano I’m putting into each capsule. The lines on my left thumb appear less pronounced – not as sharply defined. The much thicker line on my right thumb that goes the whole way between two of the lines on my nail still has a large red blotch, the size of a lentil, at the top… but there’s now an area just below the blotch that is narrower, giving the impression that it might be going away. The lines on my toes are quite faded, especially the two sides ones. Plus, they do not go away only to come back each morning as they did with the vitamin C. I was dizzy this morning, though. And I didn’t sleep well last night. Up repeatedly to go to bathroom. Also, I felt scared this morning. When I felt scared it was when I was thinking about the legal aid lawyer not helping after all, and all the time I spent on that. Only I don’t think I could have done anything else with that time, because when I put the papers together for her, I could barely do it, and then I was so worn out and stressed that I couldn’t type for a whole day, more than 24 hours, actually. I did get better several hours later, but the next day my typing was still affected. I took a shower, and though my muscles tightened they didn’t get as rigid as they used to. I also hurried, so they wouldn’t. B12 shot. Feel very scared because now that I got the transcript and read it, I can see the court wants to foreclose on me as fast as possible. Very scary. Feel shaky. A couple hours after writing that I felt shaky, I got a nose bleed… Very bad stress, knowing court was trying to foreclose on me without due process. 2 sublingual methylcobalamin.January 27, 2005 (Thursday): I’ve had a toothache for a few days.Last night the pain was intense. I’ve taken a lot of Ibuprofen, and thismorning it’s a dull ache except when I touch the area under my nose, and my face looks swollen on the left side… Also , it seems harder to see on that side. It could be because of th eswelling. I’ve taken 15 500mg Vitamin C. and will do a schedule of ti aand propolis an doil od oaregano… becauswe it’s too much for me to remember.

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