Pop-Up Greenhouses 2015

by Karen Kline

A few years ago I “built” a greenhouse around one of my chrome carts. Ordering the vinyl was easy, as was the green duck tape to seal the sides. What was impossible was changing how metal works: basically, metal gets really cold, so with the metal of the cart inside the greenhouse, it made it very cold for plants.

Similarly but different, little bird made nests in the cross bar of my solar panel pole. During the day when they were nest building it was great. But come night, the metal of the pole and crossbar was far too cold for the little bird to combat by sitting on her eggs. In each case, from robins to sparrows and finches, the happy bird song around the crossbar and nests ended after the first cold night.

Thus, I had to bring my little homemade greenhouse in every night. The greenhouses worked in terms of creating humidity that greatly sped up germination. But, rolling it in every day and out every morning, not the best solution.

Popup Greenhouse 2015 250 DSCN0667

When I found pop-up greenhouses on Amazon I immediately ordered. When slipped over one of my huge, 24 inch Fiskars pots, they don’t need any staking to stay in place, even in high New Mexico winds.

2/11/2015 ~ I planted peas, collards, carrots and radishes today. I don’t know if the carrots will work. I planted the tiny seeds a bit deep because the first problem I have in growing carrots is keeping the seeds moist when they are planted so near the surface of the soil. It’s very dry here on the high desert, so if the carrots can come up through a bit of additional soil, then I think they’ll be overjoyed with the reward of more moisture, for their hard work.

2/18/2015 ~ Either the collards or radishes are beginning to show above the soil. Possibly the collards, since I planted the radish seeds in the thick jackets that surround them when they grown on the plants.