9/15/2016 ~ I had a 4×4 clear skylight put in last year in the hope tomatoes would produce during the winter, and if not produce, at least survive till the following year when they’d produce early, like my perennial peppers.

The tomatoes lasted longer than they had in any previous year, but ultimately they died. And, when I tried to start tomato seeds, it was a bust.

When the tomato seeds didn’t start they gave me the idea that perhaps the room was sunny enough, but too cold for tomatoes which  need at least 65* to germinate.

I heat with candles and had added two more candle setups to raise the room’s temperature, without being able to consistently achieve 65*ive.

I was about to give up when I remembered that it took me four years to get strawberries to grow, and eight different avocado trees before one grew into an actual tree.

So, my new plan for the tomatoes is to paint the cement floor black (around the old rug) so that the skylight adds heat, as well as light.

With that in mind, I’m going to start taking temperature readings so that I can compare before and after the black, heat absorbing floor.

DayTimeOutdoor TempLiving RoomPlant Room
Unpainted Cement
9/15/20168:21 p.m.66*70*72*
9/16/20168:24 a.m.53*67*66*
6:00 p.m.68*71*72*
9/17/20168:00 a.m.53*67*67*
12:30 p.m 66*68*71*
11:31 p.m.59*68*68*
9/18/20167:30 a.m.44*65*65*
11:48 a.m.66*67*69*
6:00 p.m.74*73*72*
9/19/201611:21 a.m.70*68*70*
7:30 p.m.71*73*73*