Tinfoil side facing out on insulation backing in shelves

12/18/2013 ~ Okay, it’s hard to believe that Orca does a better job of reflecting light than tin foil. I’ve watched the Orca YouTube videos, and I’m convinced by their light meter readings.

But, when I lined the back of some shelves with the tinfoil side of insulation facing out, it was startlingly bright.

The wall behind the shelves and pots is lined with Orca, which is indeed a lot brighter than the wall not in this picture, which is merely painted.

I so SO want a light meter so I can see if I should switch to tin side out, insulation, which is MUCH cheaper than Orca since it’s available at Home Depot. I’d just have to let it air out for a bit in the garage. You’re not supposed to put it into rooms without letting it air out, I forget what it gives off, but basically something that’s better aired out in the garage.

Trim ~ I still haven’t gotten the trim to neaten up the seam between bottom and top Orca. It will look Dynamite when it’s finished. I hope.

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