This story of an ant finding a large feather and deciding to take it home began some years ago when I was sitting in my shady corner under my ponderosa. To my surprise a small, fluffy feather began dancing along the ground — very fairy like, if ever there was a fairy moment.

I immediately looked up to see if wind was stirring nearby leaves in a way that could account for the feather’s dance.

When there wasn’t any visible wind movement, I went for a closer look. And, there was this tiny ant with this small, but still much larger than itself, feather.

I went back to my lawn chair and watched the feathery dance, as the ant took its prize home to its hill.

The Ant and the Feather

So, when I saw an ant near a feather on my deck, it caught my attention. I went in to get my camera, praying the whole while that it would still be there when I returned. And, as you can see, it was.


Ant mounting feather like a skateboard, one leg off to propel itself

The ant mounted the feather as if it were a skateboard, one leg off to propel itself and the feather.


Ant moving feather

I was sure my imagination was enhancing what I saw, except the feather had moved quite a lot…


But mostly the feather moved in a circle

but mostly in a circle.


the ant scrunched himself into his work

The ant scrunched himself into his work, as if concentrating his energy.


other ants came but got into a face off argument

Other ants came but got into a face-off argument instead of helping.


not distracted by the fighting ants the ant pivoted the feather

Not distracted by the fighting, the ant pivoted the feather in a continued sweep across the knot…


the ant switched to the other side of the feather

and switched to the other side of the feather.


But didn’t stay there long

But didn’t stay there long.


“Perhaps pulling would work better…”

Perhaps pulling would work better.


“Nope, going back to the pushing position”

Nope. Going back to the pivotal position.


“Got the hang of it now !”

Got the hang of it, now.


“Either I’ve gotten stronger, or I understand this better”

Either I’ve gotten stronger or I understand this better.


Moving forward

Moving forward.


Keeping at it

Keeping at it.


“I can just imagine bringing this home.”

I can just imagine bringing this home.


“What’s this? A crack in my plan?”

What’s this… a crack in my plan?


“Just easing it over…”

Just easing it over…


I feared the ant would lose its prize

Then, either the phone rang or someone was at the door, or in fear he was going to lose his prize into the crevice, I just couldn’t watch anymore.

I remain amazed by the ant’s strength, but am even more impressed by its determination.

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Amazing Ants
An ant moving a large feather on my deck caught my attention. I remain amazed at the ant's strength and determination.
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