Black & Decker 20-Volt Flex Vacuum

I just cleaned up potting soil from my Saltillo tile floor in two minutes. I have a little Black & Decker Flex Vac that made my living room floor Clean so quickly I thought I’d just as quickly do a page alerting you to the awesome little machine.

One reason it works so beautifully is that it’s super easy to clean the dust compartment. You can pop the filter into your dishwasher. I have solar and no dishwasher, so I pop it under the faucet and spray Glass Plus on it. The result, after it dries, is super suction power.

The days of having to buy dust bags for my vacuum are long gone, and delightfully so!

I love the pick-up and Go quality of this fabulous little vac. House cleaning has never been my favorite, nor is it likely to be yours, but this little machine makes such a quick Go of it. You’ve got to love the Quick.

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