It WORKS!!! Who knew?

Take off your tinfoil hats! ! ! ! !
Here’s a better use for the shiny stuff.

When I read in Square Foot Gardening that tinfoil at the base of plants in a part of your garden with morning sun, or only a little afternoon sun, or where sunlight is dappled and dim, could help them… I had to try it. The side of my house were there’s no sun till afternoon was perfect for the experiment.

In the picture you can see three Cardinal Climbers on the left (the two on the far right are one behind the other), and three on the right with tinfoil.

What do you think?

I’m beyond impressed, I’m amazed!!!!!!!!!

(As an aside, I kept them all equally well watered. None of them dried out.)

Note: The “tinfoil hats” phrase is because there was a fellow on the eBay Soapbox forum who would post this little picture of a tinfoil… I forget exactly what it was, but it was the poster’s way of saying he was skeptical about whatever… so this page is dedicated to him…  xnitrousx and his tinfoil creature…



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