Wendy Andrew, artist

2/2/2016 ~ Luckily someone I follow on Twitter tweeted about Imbolc. When I put “Imbolc” into the Twitter search bar I found a wealth of artwork that had been tweeted to celebrate the day, also known as St. Brigit Day and CandleMass Day.

I was surprised that of the more than a dozen Imbolc artwork RTs I made, only one was RTed by one of my 12,000 followers. Maybe I should say, Stunned.

I would guess that most of us are now aware that GMO foods are bad for our health and that foods grown with the healthy use of compost for fertilizer are much better for us. Yet apparently we don’t put healthy food and how it’s grown together with a reverence for nature and spring and the meaning of spring in terms of growth and renewal.

I would guess there were a lot of Ground Hog RTs, because that’s a much televised name for today’s holiday. It shows men in stovepipe hats, as I remember it.

St. Brigit, on the other hand is, yes, you guessed it… Female. So I suppose it’s not surprising that media chooses Men in black hats over Women in nature.

For me, I’m going to celebrate today by having my brown rice with collards, onion tops, celery, carrots and potatoes from my indoor container garden.



St. Brigit Day Miracle

A special treat, a miracle of sorts, was that I’ve been wanting to see my friend from my days in London. When I googled her street, there she is opening the door to her home. 🙂

Her home, where I visited her often when I lived in London, is having some renovations, so this is her home away from home.

I’ve got to say, this is such a treat!

Imbolc Blessing

I think, given this Miracle, I should find one of the Blessings I saw on Twitter this morning and incorporate it here.


You can view the blessing and many wonderful blogs here.

And, best of all ~